Recover Deleted Boot Partition

Generally, Windows computer hard drives uses two different partitions when starting the system i.e., one is boot partition and the other is system partition. System partition contains the files that are related to hardware and the folder that informs the computer where to go to start Windows OS, which is called as Boot Folder. Boot partition is a major partition, which comprises of Operating System files responsible for booting process of the OS. Booting process is actually the initialization of your computer system. If the boot partition get deleted or lost intentionally or unintentionally, then you cannot use your system properly which means the initialization process will get spoiled. Do you want to know how to recover deleted boot partition? If yes then go through this article as nowdays deleted boot partition retrieval process is very easy to accomplish using the ever best Deleted Partition Recovery Software. Therefore, Download this incredible recovery software and restore deleted boot partition without any difficulty.

How boot partition get deleted?

  • OS corruption/reinstallation: Due to the unacceptable changes in the file system or by any technical problems in the computer, your Operating System may get corrupted. If the Operating System gets corrupted then the chances for boot partition deletion is also very high. This is because, you have to reinstall the OS when it gets crashed or corrupted. If you follow the improper way/mess up with the boot partition or if you have more than 1 OS configured on the same drive then your boot partition where another OS has been installed may get deleted resulting in loss of data.

  • Partitioning process: If you have two Operating systems installed and want to install one more then you need to divide and allot one more partition to that specific partition. During the partitioning process, if you accidentally select some other partition where different OS is installed then you may end up in deletion of that specific boot partition resulting in loss of valuable data.

  • Virus Infection: Improper use of internet is the main way for the virus to get in to your computer. Virus inside the computer may affect the file system of the boot partition thus causing data loss.

  • Many users accidently delete their boot partitions while performing any other operations inside the system. Some untrustworthy tools downloaded from the unauthorized server in the computer may also delete the boot partitions in the system. In these cases, you need to recover deleted boot partition using Deleted Partition Recovery Software. This software is also capable to recover dynamic partition and restore all types of files like images, songs, videos etc. saved in your disk partition.

    Striking features of Deleted Partition Recovery software

    • Deleted Partition Recovery software can be used to restore deleted boot partition, which are formatted with FAT, NTFS and HFS.
    • The simple graphical user interface of this software enable the user to handle the software easily thus you can achieve deleted boot partition recovery in a simple way.
    • Deleted Partition Recovery software can recover deleted boot partition of the hard drives, which has interfaces like SATA, IDE, SCSI etc.
    • This software can also help you to retrieve deleted boot partition on Windows and Mac.
    • You can easily recover data from different branded external hard drive such as LaCie, Iomega and so on. If you want to know more about how to recover data from LaCie external hard drive, then click on this link:
    • Deleted Partition Recovery software can restore deleted boot partition data which is not able to access.
    • This software can restore the files and folders on the basis of size, type, etc.
    • Deleted Partition Recovery software can create drive images to avoid bad sectors inside the partitions.
    • Recover deleted boot partition data in less time with the help of Deleted Partition Recovery software and also you can use this software to recover NTFS partition data.

    Procedure to use Deleted Partition Recovery software

    Step 1: Download and install Deleted Partition Recovery software to your computer system. In the screen, you will see three options. Select “Recover Drives” among the 3 available options.

    Recover Deleted Boot Partition - Recover Partition Main Windows

    Figure 1: Main screen

    Step 2: Now, you can view two options like “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”.  Select “Partition Recovery” options to recover deleted boot partition and then select the hard drive.

    Recover Deleted Boot Partition - Select File Types option

    Figure 2: Select the Partition

    Step 3: In the next screen, you can view a list of recovered files. You can view the files before saving them back to your storage device.

    Recover Deleted Boot Partition - Data View / File Type View Window

    Figure c: Retrieved Data

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