Registry Cleaner for Dell


Registry is a database used by the Windows Operating System to store configuration information. It contains information about almost everything that occurs on the computer i.e. from a visit to a Web site to a program installation. The Windows registry is a key to your PC’s health as it contains essential instructions that are continuously accessed. Errors in Windows registry can become a huge problem if they are not addressed. Registry errors can slow your PC, cause dll, exe errors and make certain programs unusable. Registry errors can be caused due to Trojans, viruses, malware and adware. The software on your computer can also cause registry errors. If a program you are using crashes, it can send a bad command to the registry. The registry will remember that bad command and until you clean the registry, the program will continue to malfunction. Even shutting off your computer with certain programs running can corrupt a registry.

Common reasons for registry errors

  • Improper system shutdown can cause damage to registry
  • Shutting down the computer incorrectly 
  • Viruses and malwares are also one of the main reasons for registry damage
  • Orphaned, invalid and empty registry entries which refer to programs or files which no longer exist.
  • Fragmented entries which makes registry bulky and vulnerable to corruption
  • Not cleaning the registry

Features of the Remo MORE tool

Remo MORE tool is a powerful optimizer for your Dell laptop that lets you clean junk files, resolve registry issues and eliminate slowdown causes. It can scan registry and find incorrect or outdated information in your Dell laptop. It removes all obsolete, temporary, invalid, and redundant registry items from the system. By fixing all outdated information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. The Remo MORE tool can fix files or shortcuts associated with uninstalled programs. It can also fix slow boot times and overall computer response time. The user-friendly interface allows you to monitor the progress of your scan. It has two scanning modes: Quick scan and Custom scan. Quick scan allows you to rapidly scan registry file errors. Custom Scan lets you choose the parameters to be scanned. The tool helps you identify unwanted registry entries and fixes them to avoid annoying registry error messages. Usage of Remo More tool improves PC performance and stability. It works well with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP on both 32-bit and 64-bit PC's.

Steps to Clean Registry for Dell:

Step 1: Select Registry cleaner from the Optimize screen

Optimize Screen

Figure 1 : Optimize Screen

Step 2: Select Clean Registry from Registry Cleaner Screen

Registry Cleaner Screen

Figure 2 : Registry Cleaner Screen

Step 3: Select Quick Scan from Clean Registry screen

Clean Registry Screen

Figure 3: Clean Registry Screen

Step 4: Quick scan is scanning for system registry

System Registry Screen

Figure 4: System Registry Screen

Step 5: Now, it will display problem details and fix them.

Problem Details Screen

Figure 5: Problem Details Screen

Step 6: Creating Restore point

Restore Point Screen

Figure 6: Restore Point Screen

Step 7: Cleaning Registry Completed

Registry Completed Screen

Figure 7: Registry Completed Screen

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