How to Recover Dynamic Partition?

Dynamic partition is the partition on the storage drive of the storage device which is fault tolerant. It has the special features which a static partition doesn’t have. A database will keep track of the data which is stored on the dynamic partition. Hence there are less chances of losing data on dynamic partition. If you have lost the data due to any catastrophic condition then you can recover it. If it is not a dynamic RAID-5 volume or mirrored volume then it can be recovered by restoring the boot sector. If not then you should use third party tool.

Suppose you are cleaning the partition with junk folders, when you looked for the files on the drive you found that all files are not necessary on a drive and hence you delete the whole drive. While deleting, you had selected wrong drive. You had your important work on it. You had all the photos of your family functions, the amazing pictures of nature clicked and edited with your creativity. You had the documents of your writings like poetry and stories. Are all your files lost forever? Is your hard work gone waste? Probably not, you can retrieve deleted partition on the hard drive of the computer using recovery software. Deleted Partition Recovery Software helps you recover deleted partition effectively. Apart from this, it also capable of restoring deleted extended partition on Windows 7 and retrive data from it. To know more about how to perform deleted extended partition recovery on Windows 7, refer this link:

Some of the situations in which you may lose the dynamic partition data:

Shift + Delete or Command + Delete: The data from the dynamic partition might get lost due to deletion. If you use Shift + Delete, the files are deleted permanently as the files bypass the Recycle Bin. Command + Delete key combination empties the Trash on Mac computers. In such situation, you can recover the deleted files from dynamic partition using recovery software. Deleted Partition Recovery Software recovers deleted partition efficiently.

Empty Recycle Bin: The deleted files will be stored in Recycle Bin. You can restore the files from the Recycle Bin if you had deleted any important files. After emptying Recycle Bin, the files are lost forever from the user interface of the computer. In such situation, you can recover the files by scanning the storage drive using recovery software.

File transfer interruption: If the files are being transferred from one drive to another and the process is interrupted, then you may lose some of the files which are yet to be transferred. In such circumstances, you can recover the lost files using recovery software. Deleted Partition Recovery Software is one of the best recovery software which you can rely on.

Format: If you have formatted a dynamic partition then you will lose all the files on it. Formatting deletes the entire data from the dynamic partition at once. If you have not backed up the data then you will lose all the files. In such situation, you need recovery software to recover deleted data from formatted drive.

Useful features of Deleted Partition Recovery Software:

Deleted Partition Recovery Software works to recover deleted partition Windows. It can also recover files from dynamic partition of a hard drive on the computer. The software supports data recovery from different hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. The software has powerful scanning mechanism that you can perform smart scan to scan data from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 arrays. You can recover different partitions on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS computers. You can recover deleted FAT32 partition, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions on your Windows computer. You have the option to compress the recovered files if storage space is less on the computer. You can check for the efficiency of recovery of data from the drive using demo version of the software. The software has a different build for Mac users also. Hence, you can restore deleted partition MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac.

Simple steps for deleted dynamic partition recovery:

Step a: Download Dynamic Partition Recovery Software on the computer and install it. Run the software and select appropiate option from the three options from the main screen of the software depending on the data loss scenario.

Dynamic partition recovery - Recover Partition Main Windows

Figure a: Main screen

Step b: Select the drive of the partition and click "Next" to scan the drive.

Dynamic partition recovery - Select File Types option

Figure b: Select the Partition

Step c: After scanning the drive, the resulted files are displayed which can be previewed using "Preview"option and then you can save them on the computer.

Dynamic partition recovery - Data View / File Type View Window

Figure c: Retrieved Data

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