Best Way to Undelete ExFAT Partition

“Is your ExFAT partition got accidentally deleted from desktop computer, and are you searching for a way to restore it back? If so, then don’t be tensed as your search for recovering deleted ExFAT partition has taken you to the right place. Just proceed reading this short informative page and get complete details on how to recover deleted ExFAT partition with ease…..”

ExFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) is a type of file system optimized for flash drive, SDXC and CF card, etc. It is also readable and writable on Windows and Mac platforms. But due to numerous reasons, ExFAT partition may get deleted from your system which intern cause entire data deletion. Anyhow, in these kind of consequences, you can make utilization of Deleted Partition Recovery Software as it has more advanced and supportive features compared to other available recovery tools to undelete ExFAT partition. This prominent tool also facilitates you to recover SSD partition in an efficient manner. But prior to know about how to recover deleted ExFAT partition, let’s have a concise look at the reasons that results in ExFAT partition deletion;

  • Sometimes, during deletion of unused or unrequired partition, you may unintentionally/accidentally delete ExFAT partition which contains your valuable data.
  • With the use suitable third party tool, you can allocate free space among all existing partitions. But at times, there is a chance that ExFAT partition may get deleted from your system, and you may lose your precious data from it.
  • Using Windows Disk Management utility, you can shrink or extend partition size, but performing a wrong operation to carry out this task can leads to deletion of ExFAT partition which intern results in data loss from your computer.
  • ExFAT partition may also get deleted from your system due to reasons like partition table corruption, severe virus attack, during re-formatting or re-partitioning, intended deletion, damaged MBR and more.

If you are not having backup of your valuable data, and upon that if you experience any of the above listed scenarios, then you can use Deleted Partition Recovery tool as it easily guides you how to recover deleted ExFAT partition within few simple clicks.

Remarkable features of Deleted Partition Recovery Software

Deleted Partition Recovery is relatively the best and most suggested tool by industry experts to undelete ExFAT partition. This tool facilitates you to retrieve more than 280 file types including documents, Zip files, music files, EXE files, RAR files, video clips, spreadsheet, images, application files and more. This virus free software has simple, safe and quick retrieval process to retrieve deleted ExFAT partition. Taking the help of this excellent utility, you can get back active, logical, dynamic and extended partitions. The intuitive user friendly interface of this app helps both tech and non-tech users to recover deleted ExFAT partition. Using this trustworthy software, you will be able to get back data from inaccessible, damaged, and RAW partition. It also helps users to retrieve FAT, HFS, NTFS and HFSX partitions. This utility has potential to get back lost or deleted partitions from SAT, IDE and SCSI hard drives. This tool is compatible on all major versions of Windows and Mac machines. It allow you to preview restored ExFAT partition data prior to restoration.

Guidelines to recover deleted ExFAT partition:

Step 1: After launching the tool, choose "Recover Drives" option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Deleted ExFAT Partition - Main Windows

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: From second screen, select "Partition Recovery" option as shown in Figure 2.

Recover Deleted ExFAT Partition - Select Partition Recovery

Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Now, the software detects all the physical drives and displays them as shown in Figure 3. Select the required drive from which you need to restore deleted ExFAT partition and then click on "Next" arrow button.

Recover Deleted ExFAT Partition - Select Physical Drive

Figure 3: Select Physical Drive

Step 4: Once done with drive scanning process, software display all found partitions as shown in Figure 4. Now, select ExFAT partition which needs to be recovered, and then click on "Next" arrow button.

Recover Deleted ExFAT Partition - Select ExFAT Partition

Figure 4: Select ExFAT Partition

Step 5: After the completion of recovery process, software display all the files and folders of ExFAT partition which you can preview in "Data View" or "File Type View" as shown in Figure 6.

Recover Deleted ExFAT Partition - DPreview Recovered Partition Files

Figure 5: Preview Recovered Partition Files

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