Restore Deleted XP Partition

Now learn to restore deleted partition in XP, caused while re-partitioning:

Are you stuck with partition problem? Have you deleted partition in XP while trying to repartition or formatting? Go easy, here is the complete solution to restore deleted partition in XP.

Disk partitioning is the way of dividing your HDD into several logical storage units, which are known as partitions. Sometimes partitions are also termed as slices for operating system based on BSD, Solaris etc. Sometimes you opt for multiple partitioning. There are several advantages and disadvantages of multiple partitioning. You may prefer multiple storage units for keeping backup file, pages etc in separate slices. At the same time, you may face some drawbacks like you are not able to use the entire disk space.

Everyday ample amount of data are needed to be stored in our PC and laptops in this technologic era. On daily basis, often people come across certain hurdles and issues related to restoring deleted partition in XP. We prefer to store all our important files in our system securely in order to avoid deletion, so we opt for partition to keep each and every file in separate partitions so that we can get back to the files without consuming much time.

Consider a situation, you might have your disk partitioned previously, but you want to repartition your partition in order to save or store some really important documents or files. At this very time, you might come across an obstacle to find that while trying to repartition your partition, you have deleted the entire partition and you are left back with error message. Now you no more need to care for these issues, as here is the recover application recovers your partition deleted from Windows XP, using advanced solutions and techniques. This Windows Partition Recovery Software can retrieve your missing partition, reformatted, re-partitioned, and formatted drives rapidly by smart and thorough scan.

There can be various scenarios, which may lead your partition to be deleted from the system.

Scenarios which causes partition deletion from Windows XP:

  • Accidental Deletion: You may accidentally delete your partition form Windows Disk Management Utility. Situation may arise where you try to check some property for the partition, but unknowingly click on Delete option.
  • Re-partition issues: These issues are seen commonly when you opt for multiple slicing of your logical storage units. You may need to save a very important official file in your system and hence you see re-partition as the solution. While re-partitioning your drive you end up in a shock of losing the already existing partition.
  • Formatting issues: Formatting of partitions is another disastrous reason which results in deletion of your partition. Sometimes you make a blunder mistake of formatting your partition unknowingly.
  • Re-formatting issues: You may sometimes try to change the file format of the partition from FAT to NTFS or vice-versa, and due to some careless errors in re-formatting you may lose your entire partition. File system conversion also leads to partition deletion.
  • Free space relocating: : Often tin the process of trying to relocate free space among partition may lead to partition deletion.

Once your partition gets deleted do not save or download any files and documents in the drive. You need to launch the Windows Partition Recovery tool immediately after partition.
For future assistance, it is always smart to keep a backup of all your documents.

Features of deleted partition recovery software tool:

  • In order to retrieve the deleted partition it scans the entire drive rapidly within few minutes.
  • Recovers inaccessible partitions even with data within the partitions.
  • Helps you to execute deleted partition recovery on Seagate hard drive after dual boot installation
  • Recovers partitions deleted due to accidental formatting of partition and also attempting to file system conversion.
  • Facility to avoid re-scanning using option “Save Recovery Session”.
  • Dynamic disk partition recovery is possible in case of data deletion.
  • Options to preview recovered partitions.
  • Partition recovery from various popular hard drive brands like WD hard drive deleted partition recovery can also be done easily using this software.

Steps to restore data from deleted partition:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Partition Recover application tool. The main window is displayed as shown in Figure 1. Once the software is launched, click on the “Recover partitions / drives” option and proceed further as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Partition Main Windows

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: In the next window you need to hit the “Partition Recovery” button and proceed to the next step as shown in Figure 2.

Select Physical Drive Window

Figure 2 : Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Next you need to select the drive that you want to recover as shown in Figure 3. In the next window you can view all your recovered drives. Select the drive from which you want to retrieve lost partition and click on "Next".

Select Found Partition Screen

Figure 3 : Select Physical Drive

Step 4: When you click "Next" the software starts scanning the selected drive and displays all the found partitions, as shown in Figure 4. Select the partition which you want to restore and click on "Next".

Select File Types option

Figure 4 : Select the Partition

Step 5: When you click "Next" you get an option to search for a particular file based on its unique signature by selecting the file type from the list that is displayed as shown in Figure 5. You also have an option to "Skip" this step.

Data View / File Type View Window

Figure 5 : Select File Type

Step 6: In the next window you can view the recovered files in either Data Type View or File Type View.You can preview the entire recovered file and save it and then you can save the recovery session in any desired destination.

Data View / File Type View Window

Figure 6 : retrieved Data

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