Recover Deleted NTFS Partition

If you have deleted the NTFS volume accidently from your system, you can recover the deleted NTFS partition and data contained on the volume by using deleted partition recovery software. Deleted partition recovery of NTFS is possible only in one case, if a new volume has not been created and formatted in its place. How this software works and recovers the deleted partition? When you delete NTFS volume then it erases the volume’s file system boot sector and also removes the volume entry from the Disk Management private region database, leaving the entire data stored on it. Recovery of deleted NTFS partition can be done using boot sector recovery.

Sometimes during partition making your system abruptly become shut down then there may be the chances of partition deletion. In this scenario you lose the data also stored on the partition. So both can be recovered using deleted partition recovery software. This software works on advanced algorithm and takes very less time to recover the deleted partition and data. Therefore it is recommended by prestigious organizations and industry specialist. This software does deleted partition recovery from Seagate hard drive and many more brands hard disks. This software is very power tool for deleted partition recovery from external drives. This software can do the recovery of deleted partition after re-installation of Windows. This software supports all file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and Ex FAT. If any of these file systems is the file system of your active Windows OS partition and you have lost data from it, then you will get the best solution to recover that data after visiting

This software recovers the deleted partition very efficiently and easily. It can also do the recovery of deleted partition on Mac machine and supports all the Mac machine versions such as Mac OS X leopard, snow leopard, and lion. It provides a very effective graphical user interface so a person less in technical knowledge can use it very easily. This software is compatible with all the windows family such as Windows 200, 2003, XP, vista, 7. You can also retrieve deleted partition on Windows 8, which is latest OS of Windows family. This software is very helpful to recover deleted partitions in Windows 10. If the Master boot record of your hard drive corrupted then it leads to crashed hard disk because it contains all useful information of FAT and NTFS file system. During the re-partitioning process FAT file system converts into NTFS file system and if this process interrupted then it may leads to deleted partition and data lost.   

We create the partition for improving the performance of the system because each partition behaves as a separate hard disk. So its performance improves and it works very fast. During the partitioning you can select FAT and NTFS either file system but mostly NTFS preferred as much better then FAT. While creating partition there may be some error occurred which may result in partition deletion. With the help of this award winning tool you can readily rescue photos from HDD partition on Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, etc and Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, etc with great ease. This can be resolved through the use of deleted partition software. Recovery process using this software ends with few clicks:

Step A: Download and install the trial version of deleted partition recovery software in your system. Launch it by double clicking the desktop icon. On the main screen select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option

Recover deleted NTFS partition - Main Screen

Figure (a): Main Screen

Step B: On the next page select "Partition Recovery" option and proceed to the next step

Recover deleted NTFS partition - Choose Partition recovery

Figure (b): Choose Partition Recovery

Step 3: On the next screen software will show you all the detected physical drives which are connected to the computer. Select the drive from which you want to retrieve lost partition and click on "Next".

Recover deleted NTFS partition - Select Drive

Figure (c): Select Drive

Step D: On the next screen software displays all the found partitions, select the partition which you want to restore and click on "Next".

Recover deleted NTFS partition - Select the Deleted Partition

Figure (d): Select the Deleted Partition

Step 5: On the next screen you can recover the file selecting unique signature or file type from the list that is displayed. You can even "Skip" this step.

Recover deleted NTFS partition - Select File Format

Figure (e): Select File Format

Step 6: After completion of the scanning process you can see the list of recovered file and you can use "Preview" option to view the restored data and can save the retrieved data after activating the trial version.

Recover deleted NTFS partition - List of recovered File

Figure 6: List of Recovered file

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