Recover Deleted Primary Partition

A computer hard drive is secure and major storage device where one can store Operating System and other personal and professional data like documents, images, video clips, music files and much more. But all these data can be stored on a separate logical drive called as hard drive partition. That is, a hard drive can be segmented / divided into multiple partitions due to which, user can access required data at much faster rate. A partition where OS is installed is called as Primary Partition and it will be usually C drive in Windows systems.

There can be more than one primary partition on a hard drive but, at a time only one primary partition can be in active mode. However like other partitions, even primary partition may get deleted from your computer!!! YES, there are situations where primary partition may get deleted and once if it gets deleted, then your system will not boot and also you may lose your entire data from it. So in such situations what will you do? How can you undelete deleted primary partition in order to get back your data from it?

Don’t panic!!! Because, deleted primary partition recovery can be easily done by using an advanced and most recommended tool named as Partition Recovery Software. It is a best recovery application that let you know how to recover deleted primary partition in just a matter of time and also with less effort. This advanced tool also helps you to recover deleted partition in windows 7, 8, Vista, XP etc. But before knowing how to recover deleted primary partition, have a look at few scenarios that result in primary partition deletion from your desktop or laptop computer.

  • If your primary partition is running short of memory or space, then you may go for third party application to extend its storage memory. But during this process, there are chances that your primary partition may get deleted and as a result you may lose huge amount data from it.
  • While upgrading operating system, if any interruption occurs like sudden power failure or system shutdown may leads to primary partition deletion.
  • While deleting unwanted or unused partition, you may unintentionally delete primary partition and as result of this your system will not startup which leads to huge data loss from it.
  • Primary partition may also get deleted due to MBR corruption or deletion, virus infection, hard drive failure, while shrinking or merging primary partition etc.

All these are common scenarios that lead to primary partition deletion. However, by making use of partition recovery software, you can restore deleted primary partition with utmost ease. This software can effectively perform LaCie external hard drive recovery in an effective and efficient manner. It has inbuilt scanning algorithms to recover all deleted or lost data from LaCie external hard drive within couple of minutes.

Striking features of partition recovery software

Partition Recovery is a perfect and highly competitive application to restore deleted primary partition. It is specially designed to retrieve deleted primary partition with original data structure, file names, and file tree. It can recover various data files like videos, music, photos, documents, applications and more by performing deleted primary partition recovery. If you are using Maxtor external hdd and lost or deleted its partition, then this utility will help you in Maxtor partition recovery.  Other than Maxtor, it also supports various brands of external hard drives and also flash drives, USB drives etc. It also supports deleted primary partition recovery from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drive. Other than Windows OS, it also supports Mac OS to restore deleted primary partition/volume.

If you want to retrieve RAID partition, then it is the best choice. It comes with interactive interface using which you can easily come to know how to recover deleted primary partition within few mouse clicks. It also has strong scanning algorithms that finds and restore deleted partitions in an efficient way. This utility can be used to recover NTFS, FAT, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX partition/volumes. To know how to recover deleted ExFAT partition, visit: After partition recovery, its Preview option facilitates you to view the recovered data before restoration.

Guidelines to recover deleted primary partition:

Step 1: Download and also install the trial version of software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut. The main window is displayed as shown in Figure 1. Choose "Recover Drives" option from the main screen and proceed further as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Deleted Primary Partition - Main Windows

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: When you select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option, a new window appears. The new window provides two options among those options select "Partition Recovery" option and proceed to the next step as shown in Figure 2.

Recover Deleted Primary Partition - Select Required Option

Figure 2 : Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Once you select "Partition Recovery" option, the program detects all the physical drives and displays it as shown in Figure 3. Select the drive from which you want to restore deleted primary partition and click on "Next" arrow button.

Recover Deleted Primary Partition - Select Physical Drive

Figure 3 : Select Physical Drive

Step 4: When you click "Next" button, the software starts scanning the selected drive and displays all the found partitions, as shown in Figure 4. Select the partition which you want to restore and click on "Next" arrow button.

Recover Deleted Primary Partition - Select Partition

Figure 4 : Select the Partition

Step 5: When you click "Next" button, you get an option to search for a particular file based on its unique signature by selecting the file type from the list that is displayed as shown in Figure 5. You also have an option to "Skip" this step.

Recover Deleted Primary Partition - Select File Type

Figure 5 : Select File Type

Step 6: On clicking "Next" button, scanning process starts. The software restores deleted files and displays all the restored data as shown in Figure 6. You can use "Data View" or "File Type View" option to view and Save restored data.

Recover Deleted Primary Partition - Data View / File Type View Window

Figure 6 : Save Retrieved Data

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