Raid Partition Recovery

Need to find answer for “how to perform raid partition recovery”? Improper reformatting, repartitioning and improper installation of an operating system may be the reason for this question. Then you have landed on the right page to find your answer. Here is the simple and effective recover deleted partition software which the best software in the market, as it is developed by the team of experts and loaded with the powerful recovery program. Software supports recovery of deleted partition data on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.

RAID partition is used to increase system uptime and availability. RAID is nothing but Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk. It is a combination of different drives to make it as one unit. It helps you to store different types of data on various types of storage drives. Though it provides many facilities for you. Equally it can make you lose all your important data, by restricting you from accessing data within it due to corruption. There are various other reasons for losing data from RAID partition. Some of them are listed below.

Bad sectors: Present of bad sectors on any of the drive of RAID partition can make RAID partition inaccessible and result in data loss.

Degraded RAID: RAID becomes degraded when there is a loss of one of the member drives. This creates a problem by removing the fault tolerance of the RAID partition. And make you suffer data loss scenario.

Partition table corruption: Partition table keeps the necessary information regarding partition and which helps you in accessing the information on the partition. Any kind of unwanted change may make your partition corrupt. And makes partition recovery necessary to recover lost data.

Virus infection: Viruses are the most unwanted programs for the computer user, because infection of the virus may lead you to face serious data loss problem.

To recover RAID partition experts recommend to use the recover deleted partition utility, which is designed to perform efficient RAID partition recovery. It can recover deleted partition data from Western Digital hard drive and other popular brand of hard drive. software performs a deep scan of the drive and can search files over 300 with different file format. It also restores data from accidentally deleted ntfs partition in just a few simple steps. It can effectively use to retrieve lost data from RAID drives of different types such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partitions. Tool allows you to get back data from hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc of various popular manufacturing brands such as Hitachi, Western Digital, Iomega, Toshiba, Samsung and Maxtor. Recover deleted partition application has the easiest of the user interface, so that a normal user can perform recovery of RAID drive on its own. To start experiencing the features of the software just download the trail version of the software. In addition to RAID partition recovery, this powerful application can also be used to recover deleted primary partition in both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Step to Recover RAID Partition:

Step 1: Download and install Recover Deleted Partition tool. The main window is displayed as shown in Figure 1. Once the software is launched, click on the “Recover partitions / drives” option and proceed further as shown in Figure 1.

RAID Partition Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: In the next window you need to choose a suitable recovery mode and proceed to the next step as shown in Figure 2.

RAID Partition Recovery - Select Recovery Mode

Figure 2 : Select Recovery Mode

Step 3: Next you need to select the drive. From which you want to recover data, as shown in Figure 3.

RAID Partition Recovery - Select Physical Drive

Figure 3 : Select Physical Drive

Step 4: After completion of recovery process you can view the recovered files in either Data Type View or File Type View. You can also save the recovery session in any desired destination. As shown in Figure 4

RAID Partition Recovery - Recovered Data from RAID Partition

Figure 4 : Recovered Data from RAID Partition

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