Learn How to Recover Deleted Partition Data on Laptop

Nowadays, everyone prefers to use laptops because of their portability. Every laptop has an internal hard disk like desktop PCs, which is used to store application software, Operating system and files. Normally, laptop hard drives are smaller than desktop hard drives i.e. laptop hard drives are only 2.5 wide whereas desktop hard drives are 3.5 inch wide. Generally, data is stored on clusters, which is also called as allocation unit. Operating systems like Windows and DOS manages hard disk data based on clusters. Before storing data on a new hard drive, you need to partition the hard drive then format it. Formatting a hard drive creates new file system. File system determines the logical structure of the hard drive. Creating partition on a hard drive allows your hard drive to support different types of file systems on different partition.

Generally, laptop hard drives are configured as basic disk like other removable storage devices. Sometimes, due to file system corruption, you may not be able to access the data stored on your hard drive resulting in data loss. Now, the common question arises like how to retrieve Windows deleted partition from laptop hard disk? The answer is quite simple i.e. you can use third party retrieval software to recover lost data from your hard drive. Apart from Laptop HD, It is very popular among experts as well as professionals and widely used to recover deleted bootcamp partition with ease. To know more about recovery of deleted bootcamp partition on your system, go through this page: http://www.recoverdeletedpartition.org/.html.

Few reasons which leads to deletion of partitions from laptop hard drive:

  • MBR Corruption: MBR (Master Boot Record) is situated at a first sector of hard drive that tells your system which partition of your hard drive contains Operating system. When MBR corruption occurs, you may encounter error messages like Error loading Operating system, Invalid partition table or Operating system missing. These error messages indicate that your computer is not able to find Operating systems boot information. Once MBR get corrupted, it does not allow you to boot your Operating system as a result your data may get inaccessible resulting in data loss.
  • Re-formatting a partition: Some times it is necessary to change from one file system to another file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS file system on Windows OS. Errors occurring during the file systems conversion may lead to corruption of the existing partition thus resulting in data loss.
  • Re-partitioning the hard disk drive: When the size of current partition needs to be changed or a new partition needs to be created, re- partitioning is done. Improper re-partitioning process may corrupt the existing partitions thus leading to huge data loss.

Hard disk partitions may become damaged due to bad file system. Virus attack, improper shutdown, power surge problems etc can easily corrupt the file system information and then you may not see particular hard drive partition on your computer. Once you run into such situation, you get a doubt that if at all there is a way to restore files from damaged partitions. Your answer is Yes! You can restore all files from damaged partitions easily. First check for backup. Take backup of essential data to avoid data loss due to above mentioned problems. Sometimes, you may accidentally format the partition, which may also result in data loss. In such case, if you have already taken backup then you can easily restore lost data. If you have not taken backup then you can use proficient retrieval tool to recover lost data from hard drive. If you want to recover lost data using data retrieval tool then dont write or save anything on your corrupted hard drive. Because, when you format the hard drive, partition table is destroyed and creates new file system for storing new data.

Therefore, if you save new data over corrupted or formatted hard drive, then it may overwrite the old data resulting in permanent data loss. Windows partition restoration software helps you to restore lost or deleted data from corrupted laptop hard drive. This tool supports to recover partition from all the latest version of Windows Operating System. If you want how to recover deleted partition from Windows 7, then check this page www.recoverdeletedpartition.org/windows-7.html.

Windows partition recovery tool even facilitates user to retrieve deleted partition table. This software supports both FAT and NTFS file system. This software has an ability to restore lost data even when your system is not able to boot. If you have accidentally deleted the partitions or if you are not able to access the data from partition then you can use this software to restore lost data from partitions. The software can execute deleted partition recovery on Seagate hard drive, and can also execute WD hard drive deleted partition recovery and hard drives of various other popular brands. To retrieve deleted partition from Macintosh make use of Mac partition restoration software. This software has the capability to execute deleted partition recovery on MacBook Pro and other MacBook versions.

Follow the steps given below to retrieve deleted partition data from Laptop HD:

Step 1: Download and also install the trial version of Windows Partition Recovery software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut. The main window is displayed as shown in Figure 1. Choose "Recover Partitions / Drives" option from the main screen and proceed further as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: When you select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option, a new window appears. The new window provides you an option to retrieve deleted/lost partitions and to retrieve formatted/reformatted partitions. Select "Partition Recovery" option and proceed to the next step as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 : Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Once you select "Partition Recovery" option, the program detects all the physical drives and displays it as shown in Figure 3. Select the drive from which you want to retrieve lost partition and click on "Next".

Figure 3 : Select Physical Drive

Step 4: When you click "Next" the software starts scanning the selected drive and displays all the found partitions, as shown in Figure 4. Select the partition which you want to restore and click on "Next".

Figure 4 : Select the Partition

Step 5: When you click "Next" you get an option to search for a particular file based on its unique signature by selecting the file type from the list that is displayed as shown in Figure 5. You also have an option to "Skip" this step.

Figure 5 : Select File Type

Step 6: On clicking "Next" scanning process starts. The software restores deleted files and displays all the restored data as shown in Figure 6. You can use "Preview" option to view the restored data and can save the retrieved data.

Figure 6 : retrieved Data


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