Follow Simple Steps to Recover Lost Data from Partitions

Loss or deletion of a hard drive partition can trouble you a lot because a single partition may have thousands of files/folders in your computer. The moment, you come across such unexpected situation, it might stagger you especially if the partition was having a collection of your crucial documents or other treasured data such as video clips, images etc. Therefore, prevailing the data loss effectively is a concern now. Actually, you can recover your lost data even from deleted or lost partitions and it is possible when you have a reliable partition recovery software solution and proper guidance. In fact, data that has been lost from the partition because of any reasons, does not disappear from hard drive permanently and can be accessed again with aid of an appropriate program.

You are only few steps away to get back your partition data!

Step- 1: Click on "Download Now" button and get Deleted Partition Recovery tool downloaded on your computer.

Step-2: As you done with the download process, run this program and follow given instructions to finish installation.

Step-3: Now, click on software's shortcut icon that is present on the desktop and get it launched successfully.

Step-4: The main screen comes with three options that are "Recover Files", "Recover Drives" and "Recover Photos". To recover partition data, select "Recover Drives" option.

Step-5: In the next window, there are two options i.e. "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery". For restoring data from deleted or lost partition, choose "Partition Recovery" option.

Step-6: Now, this tool will scan your computer hard drive and show a list of all partitions. Select particular partition from which you want to recover your data and click "Next"

Step-7: It performs rigorous scanning of the selected partition and displays all recoverable files and folders.

Step-8: You can go through any file by using either "Data View" or "File Type View" mode.

Step-9: At last, make use of the "Preview" option to check that data is recovered successfully or not.

After judging the performance of this utility, if you are completely satisfied with the result, go ahead for the licensed version of this application so that you can save entire restored data successfully on your computer hard drive. Now, register this program on your computer, click on "Buy Now" button that is given below:

So far, it was all about how this software work on your computer/ laptop to retrieve data from hard drive partitions that are erased, missing or inaccessible because of any reasons. Now before you get exposure to the software and it's features which can help you in recovering data from hard drive partitions under various data loss circumstances, lets walk through the following information to know how partitions are managed on hard drive and what wrong may happen to them resulting in data loss after that you need to take assistance of this software.

What is partitioning?

The term Partitioning basically talks about the way of managing hard drive space effectively. Partitioning a hard disk means dividing it into multiple partitions with some logical names like :C, :D or with any meaningful name. By having multiple partitions on your computer, you can save different type data such as movies, music, pictures, documents, games etc separately from OS related program files. Hence it minimizes possibility of accidental loss or deletion of important files by offering a better way of file management with the help of different partitions. Additionally, you can have multiple OS in your system by creating more that one partition. To create and manage partitions on hard disk, you are provided with an in-built Disk Management Utility in Windows computer. You can utilize this app to create, delete, format, hide, unhide, re-size, rename partitions on your computer hard drive.

Be careful when managing partitions!

Although, you can easily use the Disk Management Utility to manage all the existing partitions in your computer. However, you should be careful while employing this utility to perform different operations over partitions because any small error can make a partition inaccessible, deleted or disappeared from hard drive. Such failure directly leads to the loss of data that is preserved on particular hard disk partition. Windows operating systems are enabled with a disk error checking utility that is named as "CHKDSK". This program can check and fix logical file system errors, which make hard drive partition inaccessible.

Although, this tool can efficiently check for bad sectors, file system issues and repair them automatically but sometimes problem can be out of the scope and you cannot handle that with this tool. Here, partition recovery softwares come into the picture because they are immensely effective in recovering data from hard drive partitions that have become inaccessible or even lost and deleted from your computer.

How do we lose our data from a partition?

Deleting a Partition: When performing operations like re-sizing, file system conversion, renaming etc over a partition, you may select Delete option in hurry or mistakenly that turns in severe data loss. Also you may end up selecting a wrong partition while deleting a specific one. Once it is happened then the operating system won't be able to find that partition through the table.

Erroneous File System Conversion: Converting a file system means assigning a new file system to an existing partition. While changing the file system ( NTFS to FAT32 or FAT16 to NTFS and vice-versa) if anything goes wrong after power failure, sudden OS reboot, application malfunction etc, it will result in unexpected errors, which can make the partition inaccessible or missing.

Partition Table Corruption: Partition table is responsible for keeping track of information related to each partition. Operating system uses this table to collect required information such as location, size, name etc of available partitions. But when this table gets corrupt after virus attack or improper re-partitioning, it may cause hard drive partitions inaccessible. Hence you lose your valuable data on your system.

How to overcome the data loss?

You have a great opportunity to get your missing data back even after any partition is deleted or missing from your computer and it possible when you come with a reliable Deleted Partition Recovery Software. It is enriched with sophisticated restoration tools to offer complete data recovery from damaged, corrupted, deleted, missing or bad partitions. Therefore, don’t care about reasons and try to know how to recover partition. Now, opt this advanced solution and get your files/folders from partitioned drives in simple steps. However, before you start recovering data with the application, make sure you are not adding data to the partitioned drive because it can minimize the chances of complete data recovery. So, the only thing you have to consider at this time is to avoid data overwriting. Except that, this Partition Recovery Program is capable enough to do the rest for you. It will retrieve lost partitions from hard drives and bring out entire data in just a fraction of time.

Why this software is highly recommended for recovering partition data!

  • User friendly interface of this software is so simple and easy to use.
  • Extremely fast and reliable tool to recover data from deleted NTFS partitions on your computer or laptop. Also recovers files from damaged or corrupted FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS5 partitions.
  • This application uses sophisticated in-built algorithms to automate data recovery process effectively.
  • Ensures complete and hassle free data recovery even from a formatted / re-formatted hard disk partition.
  • Helps you in recovering lost or inaccessible HFS, HFSX, HFS+ volumes on Mac systems.
  • Offers Data View and File type view to make it convenient for you to go through the recovered data
  • Preview option enables you to have preview of recovered files before you proceed to save them.
  • Exclusive "Save Recovery Session" option saves your precious time by avoiding re-scanning of the hard drive for next time.
  • Recovered data can be sorted by date of creation, file type, name, size.
  • Helps you to recover data from external disk drives, SSD, pen drives etc.
  • You can store recovered data into an external hard disk drive or other type removable storage devices too.
  • This software also provides an option to compress the recovered data before save process. It will help you when there is low disk space in your storage device.

This application is designed to offer data recovery from various popular hard disk drive brands such as Seagate (Free Agent, Replica, GoFlex, Barracuda), Samsung (EcoGreen, S2 Portable Spin Point, etc), Western Digital (MyPassport, Elements, My Passport Elite, Caviar Green, etc), Hitachi ( Life studio, Touro, Pro, etc), Toshiba (Canvio, etc), Buffalo (Stealth, Metro, Ministation, etc), Maxtor ( Max One Touch II etc) and many others.

Important Suggestions!

Data loss is always happening with most of the users because they often forget to preserve backup. When you have copy of all essential files and folders some where in your computer or in other storage drive like external hard disk, pen drive, SSD etc, it becomes very easy to look into these devices for required data. But in case, you are not having backup, definitely there remains no option except recovery software to get lost data back whenever any crisis take place. So don't forget to take back up and always have an effective software to recover partition in your system.

Whenever you lost or delete data from the partitions after that don't use your disk to store another data. When you do this data overwriting will be occurs and it will be results in permanent data loss. Also, while partitioning your hard disk drive ensure that you have proper power backup and there are no interruptions for the power supply. It can help you in preventing data loss from hard drive partitions. However, if anything wrong happened, recovery software is always there to help you. So just install the software and get started!

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